Associate Professor, Aalborg University


Below are some energy planning lectures which I have created. Feel free to download any of the information provided, but please reference my work when presented elsewhere. The material includes:

Gathering Data for EnergyPLAN, Aalborg University, Denmark, February 2009

PDFHere you can download the presentation I gave in February 2009 to the students who were completing a Masters degree in “Sustainable Energy Planning and Management” at Aalborg University.

Download the EnergyPLAN: Gathering Data pdf

EnergyPLAN Overview, South Danish University, March 2009

PDFI taught this one-day course at the South Danish University in Odense, Denmark in March 2009. Here you can download the two lectures I presented. The first discusses the various types of studies that can be completed using EnergyPLAN, while the second discusses the data required for EnergyPLAN, as well as the tabs within the EnergyPLAN.

Download the EnergyPLAN: Study Types pdf
Download the EnergyPLAN: Data and Tabs pdf

EnergyPLAN PhD Course, Aalborg University, Denmark, March 2009

PDFI taught a number of classes in Aalborg University in March 2009 as part of a PhD course on the EnergyPLAN tool. Here you can download two of the lectures I presented. The first compares the intial results from a review where we compared various energy tools, and the second discusses the data gathering process for the EnergyPLAN tool.